PetroComp (PC) - Insurance for your Career


Career Insurance: You insure your house....your car.....your health... family and life.....why not insure the engine that pays for all that insurance.....your career!  We would like to offer you a simple, no hassle (less than 10 minutes) way to monitor the value of your career... which we call....PetroComp. We'll let you know what is happening throughout the Energy Tribe...across the street and around the world.

The market appears to be repricing many assets and resources....of which people (especially in the energy industry) are a critical component. 


  • PetroComp like all insurance is something you really hope you DO NOT have to collect on......but given the current market uncertainty....this might be the best insurance of all and..IT"S FREE for a Limited Time!
  • Would you like to monitor your current market value Globally?
  • Would you like to know the "typical" base salary? Signing bonus? Incentive Compensation? Restricted/Stock Option Grants?
  • Would you like current market data on day rates, 30/30 or 1 year international contracts?
  • Would you like to receive this information for FREE?


Real Time Talent Compensation for Companies

We provide our client companies with critical "real time" data on compensation across all critical disciplines.  Our PetroComp Team constantly monitors the changing talent demand landscape.  Our ability to deliver "real-time" information versus long lead time industry wide surveys provides for more agile decisions and more effective talent acquisition.


  • Your Virtual Human Resources Consulting Firm
  • Low cost petro-technical talent information "On Demand" when needed
  • Global Strategic Staffing Insights, Demographics and Talent Acquisition Costs

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