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November 2008

Project Management: A New Energy Industry Career Choice

A New Career Choice

Emerging as a professional career choice, project management matures with a suite of tools, enhanced best practices, and professional standards. Nearly a quarter million project managers in the United States have formalized their expertise with membership in the Project Management Institute.

Certified Professionals
No longer just a “nice to have," certification has emerged as a requirement for project management professionals. Project managers may have varied backgrounds, and education, but the certification process insures a consistent set of standards. The result is a codification of professional capabilities.

Years of Experience

Key to the certification process is the acknowledgment that project management is more than what you may learn in the classroom. Practical experience is an essential component. Most programs require periodic certification. The benefit? Experience meets new studies and enhanced practices in the classroom.

Energy Industry

Project management in the energy industry is in various stages of formalization. Some organizations offer in-house certification programs for their employees. Others provide employees with the opportunity to certify through a number of programs. One unique characteristic of project management for the energy industry is the focus on risk management. To address the challenges of risk, organizations turn to solutions ranging from software to decision analysis consultants.

Turn-key project management is one of the services offered by Tribal Knowledge Solutions (TKS). Project managers are selected first on the basis of hands on experience and in particular expertise in the area of interest for our clients. If not already certified, our project managers are encouraged to participate in the development of professional skill sets including certification programs and decision analysis skills. To find out more about how TKS can convert our expertise into your success, please contact us today.


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