Tribal Knowledge Solutions (TKS)

We are the First and Only provider of totally unique "vendor neutral" end-to-end alternative (non-recruitment) talent solutions for the energy industry, through resource, project, talent, alumni, alliance management and corporate social networking.

Tribal Knowledge Alliance (TKA)

A Cooperative Surplus Talent Network

Tribal Knowledge Development (TKD)

A Talent Gap Solution

PetroAlum (PA)

An Alumni Talent Solution

E&P on Demand (EPOD)

A Virtual Energy Company



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Next Generation Talent

  • Execute the largest industry “crew change” in history
  • Strategically Staff the “NexGen” Employer/Employee Relationship
  • Motivate performance within “NexGen” Work/Life Balance
  • Lower HR Recruiting, Training and Administration Costs

Next Generation Leadership Talent

  • Leverage Tribal Knowledge to Mentor Future Leaders
  • Develop Innovators outside the culture
  • Create a Leadership Development Wisdom Library
  • Audit and Improve Mentor/Mentoree relationship

External Talent

  • Manage a Vendor Neutral Resource/Project System
  • Deploy, Manage & Evaluate the best External Talent
  • Control Project & Assets in “Real Time” Financial Detail
  • Profit Sharing through utilization of Former & Surplus Talent

Retirement Talent

  • Stop the Retirement Talent Brain Drain
  • Capture, Motivate and Redistribute Tribal Knowledge
  • Build a World Class Alumni Talent Pool
  • Lower talent costs with Flex-time/location solutions