PetroAlum (PA) - An Alumni Talent Solution


PA will design, build, and operate a unique culturally customized energy focused (niche) alumni web-site for your organization.  This web based alumni reconnection and talent retention tool is updated constantly, with industry relevant content available and/or restricted from retirees, alumni, new hires, interns, ex-pat's, hi-pot's, vendors, joint venture partners and all other former or current valued company relationship or designated talent groups. We will provide Security, Membership/Group Management and Content share/restrict control. The PetroAlum platform is designed to facilitate easy access to any and all talent personal information, accounts, and related Human Resource Services. Active programs to entice, enroll and expand membership, visits and usage,  through industry relevant information, volunteer opportunities, flex-time/location contract project based consulting assignments throughout your organization (and other companies, if you permit) are just a portion of the capabilities we can offer.  All World Class web based applications are available through the PetroAlum platform.

  • Let us find, educate, enroll and reconnect your former Alumni and Talent
  • Let us build, develop and maintain your company branded alumni web-site
  • Let us visit with you monthly/quarterly for Strategy, Trend and Performance meetings
  • You have final Editorial Control: Content, Co-authoring and Company Message
  • Alumni Content Management, Screening and Security (24 hour delay posting)
  • Original, timely and relevant Articles touching all talent areas of interest
  • Direct Links to company: Pension, Medical, Investor and Related Human Resource Service Center Information, if desired
  • Industry and Company Secure Links: Financial, Government, Pension, Health Care
  • Technical Support, Upgrades and Disaster Back-up
  • State of the Art Social Networking Platform for Alumni relationship reconnection