Tribal Knowledge Development (TKD)- A Talent Gap Solution

We are a multidisciplinary team of Energy Executives, Leaders, Industrial Psychologists, and Human Resource Professionals. We solve Leadership challenges surrounding a variety of issues ranging from the employee selection process through succession planning. We can help identify your "high potential" leadership talent throughout your organization and develop a company wide "Core Competency Model" that prepares the  High Potential Leaders for opportunities throughout the entire organization.  Assessments would be completed uniformly (utilizing a 360 degree instrument), ,each employee will receive the results of the assessment, a personal development plan will be developed  and  coaching will be provided for each identified employee. We will educate each leader on how to mentor their team, product line, or division on a group basis focusing on both your organization's individual contributors as well as your future leaders to build a more defined "cross pollinated pipeline" for succession planning.  We deliver:

  • Leadership Development and Talent Gap Solutions
  • Talent Assessment, Result Evaluation and Development Plan Roll out
  • Strategic Staffing Optimization Analysis
  • High Potential Identification, Development and Retention
  • Succession Planning and Mentor/Mentoree Effectiveness Assessment
  • Executive Coaching