E&P on Demand (EPOD) -A Virtual Energy Company

EPOD has access to thousands of petro-technical professionals (contractors, retirees, part-time and alumni) to deliver a fully managed solution, for short term technical problem solving to international/domestic asset evaluations, and low cost contracting of contingent workforce talent on long term projects.  We provide "just in time" talent and management for any size project or situation, whether you need a single petro-technical professional to catch up on work overload, a short term evaluation group or an entire project/asset team. EPOD allows your Managers and Executives to move projects off their desks and onto the ours.  Our clients can drill down financially and technically to uncover unnecessary expense, under/over strategic staffing, technical errors and general lack of efficiency  on a "real time basis" across all types of resources to optimize performance and decision making.


How would this work on a new project or contingent workforce need?

We provide you with an EPOD managed team that includes a designated "one source, immediate response" client contact manager, administrative support, and critical petro-technical advisors. This integrated team assists your Asset Leaders, Project Managers and/or Executives in the identification, definition of needs and project scope, then matches your requirements with the skills of the petro-technical professionals in our database. This can range from a single individual contributor, to a multi-discipline group to an entire evaluation team. Critical company Tribal Knowledge is documented by the EPOD process building the basis of your proprietary Wisdom Library (an invaluable tool for your next generation of leaders).

  • "Your Virtual Energy Company" with Global Talent Staffing and Resource Management
  • Low cost, low risk high performance managed petro-technical talent when ever needed
  • Global Secure "Real Time" Financial Control,  Vendor neutral, Open Software

Untold Corporate Value

Invaluable as the real time Resource Management capabilities are today, the “untold corporate value" will be in the learning, mentoring and sharing that will occur on future projects, evaluations and decisions which will have been EPOD documented allowing total access through search, retrieval and reconstruction of each project and the entire decision making process.