Tribal Knowledge Alumni Solution: PetroAlum

PetroAlum puts “energy” into your retirement, with ongoing connections and bonds that were forged across continents and corporations.

Hosted in a secure environment, the PetroAlum Platform offers full featured sites for all former energy industry personnel. Membership in the network fosters ongoing relationships through message boards, directories, events and other means of staying connected. Some featured topics include:

    • Encore Career Development
    • Wellness
    • Finance
    • Government
    • Industry and corporate news features

In addition to content targeted to your “encore” life requirements, PetroAlum offers secure pages for one stop access to pension, health care and related benefit information from your former employer.

The benefits of membership in a PetroAlum site include access to:

  • Discussion Forums
  • Secured, private directories
  • Event and Industry calendar
  • Group travel discounts
  • Flex-time work opportunities
  • One stop, secured access to benefits and related information


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