Company Facts


Build flexible staffing partnerships through seamless integration of client project needs and talent resource management.


Our 25 years in the global energy retained search marketplace at makes us uniquely positioned to have unlimited access to the critical talent pool worldwide. We have gained this position through our staff's more than 100 years' combined experience recruiting numerous executive and the technical management teams in the global energy industry. We now have the experience and relationships to quickly staff and solve short-term contingent workforce hydrocarbon projects.


We created TKS to help our clients solve THEIR energy industry talent demographic crisis through:

  • Accelerate ahead of their competition in the face of the huge upcoming “next generation” crew change.
  • Mitigate any “lack of experience” potential for negative impact to project or asset management.
  • Transfer the “Tribal Knowledge Value” of all the years of experienced evaluation and decision making to the “next generation”.