Our Process

E&P on Demand: Project Engagement

The project engagement process for our client companies is typically quick and easy:

  • The Client Project Leader (Asset, Technical or Administrative Manager) contacts the EPOD Client Contact Manager to discuss a potential individual, project or team need.
  • The EPOD Project Team collaborates with the Client Project Leader to define and develop project scope, success criteria, and timeline.
  • EPOD utilizes our database and candidate search algorithm to identify and qualify seasoned senior level petro-technical professionals who possess skills that match the client needs.
  • The qualifications of candidate petro-technical professionals are discussed with the Client Project Leader to ensure that the best match is achieved.
  • The EPOD Client Contact Manager coordinates discussions between the client and petro-technical professionals to ensure alignment of expectations.
  • EPOD drafts a complete description of the project. The resulting Statement of Work includes project scope, a list of the petro-technical professionals to be assigned, success criteria, timeline, and budget.
  • Following client approval of the Statement of Work and budget, work by the petro-technical team begins.
  • EPOD Client Contact Manager monitors project progress, collects petro-technical professional hours worked and expenses, and handles the petro-technical professional payroll.